About Blue Cut Lens

Blue cut lenses by cool winks feature a special coating that reflects harmful blue light and restricts it from passing through the lenses of your eyeglasses. Blue light is emitted from computer and mobile screens and long term exposure to this type of light increases the chances of retinal damage. As the name implies blue cut lenses are used to block the harmful blue light that computer, smartphone and laptop screens emit. This blue light has very high frequency and hence is very harsh to the eyes. Most of the blue cut lenses do have anti glare coating as well.

Blue Cut

Blue Cut Lenses in bangladesh

Difference between  Blue Cut Lens and Anti-glare Lens

Anti glare lenses are lenses with optical coating to reduce reflections from front and back surface of lens. whereas blue cut lenses blocks blue light from visible light from reaching our eyes. However blue light plays an important means of regulating our biological rhythms and affects our general well-being. Light influences whether or not we are awake, focused and productive and feel energized and healthy.

Blue Cut

Blue Cut lenses in BD


Scientific studies have confirmed the biological effect of light on our body.In day time blue light is relatively high and stimulates the body to release serotonin – also known as one of the happy hormones – and cortisol, a stress hormone. Both of these make us feel awake and active. However, melatonin is considered a sleep hormone and causes us to feel tired and sleep soundly when it is dark.Light, in particular blue light that reaches the retina, also affects our psychological well-being. Therefor completely blocking blue light from reaching eyes can make you feel drowsy, dull , nauseated,sleepy or you may even suffer from minor head aches. Even you are wearing blue cut and now habitual of wearing it if you keenly observe you will find yourself less active.Blue cut is useful while using display devices like mobiles,laptops at night because blue light emitted from these devices can cause sleeplessness.


The Best Blue Cut Lens In Bangladesh
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Advantages Of Blue Cut Lens


  • Blue cut lens can remove 100% of the blue light emitted from the screen ( so your skin won’t receive blue light)
  • It can be customized as you want (you can remove as much as you want of the blue light)
  • Blue cut lens has different types – Health, Sleep (100% of both blue and green light removed), Reading (make your monitor like Kindle) etc
  • It removes the flicker from the screens