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Ophthalmology Doctor

Ophthalmology is a branch of medication as well as surgical treatment which deals with the diagnosis and also therapy of eye problems. An eye doctor is an expert in ophthalmology. The qualifications include a degree in medication, adhered to by additional 4 to 5 years of ophthalmology residency training. Ophthalmology residency training programs may require a 1 year pre-residency training in interior medicine, pediatric medicines, or general surgical treatment. Additional specialty training (or fellowship) might be sought in a particular aspect of eye pathology. Eye doctors are allowed to use drugs to deal with eye conditions, apply laser therapy, as well as perform surgical procedure when needed. Ophthalmologists might take part in scholastic research on the diagnosis and therapy for eye problems.


A partial checklist of one of the most common illness identified as well as dealt with by Eye doctors consist of:

Macular degeneration
Diabetic retinopathy
Dry eyes
Strabismus (misalignment/deviation of eyes)
Proptosis (bulged eyes)
Excessive tearing (tear duct obstruction)
Eye tumors

Eye examination

Following are instances of methods of medical diagnosis done in a eye examination:

Visual acuity
Ocular tonometry to determine intraocular pressure
Slit lamp examination
Retina examination

Ophthalmic surgery

For a comprehensive list of surgical procedures executed by ophthalmologists, see eye surgical procedure.
Eye surgical treatment, additionally called eye surgery, is surgical treatment performed on the eye or its adnexa by an ophthalmologist. The eye is a fragile body organ, as well as needs severe care prior to, during, and also after a surgical procedure. An eye doctor is in charge of selecting the ideal procedure for the individual, as well as for taking the necessary safety precautions.

Ophthalmic surgery in Great Britain

The very first sensory doctor in Great Britain was John Freke, appointed to the position by the Governors of St Bartholomew’s Hospital in 1727. A major innovation included the appointment of Baron de Wenzel (1724– 90), a German that came to be oculist to King George III of England in 1772. His ability at eliminating cataract legitimized the area. The initial committed ophthalmic hospital opened up in 1805 in London; it is currently called Moorfields Eye Medical facility. Scientific growths at Moorfields as well as the starting of the Institute of Ophthalmology (currently part of the College University London) by Sir Stewart Duke-Elder established the site as the largest eye healthcare facility on the planet and also a nexus for ophthalmic research.


In Bangladesh to be an ophthalmologist the basic degree is an MBBS. Then they have to obtain a postgraduate degree or diploma in specialty ophthalmology. In Bangladesh, these are Diploma in Ophthalmology, Diploma in Community Ophthalmology, Fellow or Member of the College of Physicians and Surgeons in ophthalmology, and Master of Science in ophthalmology.